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DOWELS - Doctors Network for Charity and Welfare, Sri Lanka, is the largest professional welfare association, which started in 2015, with a limited number of members in Kandy but expanded rapidly to central province comprising more than 1000 members now. Membership is now open nationally and globally.

DOWELS consist of Consultants, Medical officers, Dental surgeons, General practitioners, University academics and Retirees, who have got together with the intention of helping their own members & society at large through humanity & charity.

DOWELS, is registered as “Doctors' Welfare Association Guarantee Limited” under the companies act as a none profit organization.

Objectives of DOWELS

  1. To uplift the quality of life of members.
  2. Aiming at professional development.
  3. Provision of financial support in crisis situations
  4. Provision of group benefits via service providers - Dowels membership card offers.
  5. Regular entertainment activities and family gatherings
  6. Conduct productive workshops and seminars.
  7. Identify and utilise important human resources among the membership .
  8. Charitable deeds towards the society.
  9. Talent clubs to identify and improve the talents of members and their children - (photography, art and craft, sports, music and drama)


In the above context, DOWELS has started many projects such as,

  1. DOWELS Growers’ Club

    Some of our members now involve in organic home gardening and also on a commercial scale. Products are shared through a unique system, the dowels agro sharing centre at SBSCH. The system relies on a self-shopping and self-payment method based on trust and faith among the members.
  2. DOWELS Charity Center

    A center which is attached to teaching hospital Kandy, to assist in providing basic and other supportive requirements to the patients in need & bystanders.


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DOWELS Office (Peradeniya)
Sirimavo Bandaranayaka Specialized Children's Hospital
Peradeniya, 20400, Sri Lanka
+94 715 174807

DOWELS Office (Kandy)
Teaching Hospital Kandy
Kandy, 20000, Sri Lanka
+94 701 479568

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