Special Offers

Special Offers

Membership certainly has its benefits! Here is a list of offers available exclusively to the members of Doctors Welfare Association.

Our Vision

Uplifting the quality of life of the Dowels members and their families.
News And Events

News And Events

A brief News Bulletin about what our organisation is currently engaged in such as charity work, member meetings, leisure activities and festival events.

Our Objectives

To uplift the quality of life of members, Aiming at professional development, Provision of financial support in crisis situations


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Patient Assistance Center (PAC)

The DOWELS Patient Assistance Center is another main ambitious charity project by DOWELS to extend helping hand beyond its family.

Welcome to DOWELS

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of DOWELS - Doctors Network for Charity and Welfare

dowels logoDOWELS is the first welfare association established among medical professionals in Sri Lanka and is engaged in the welfare of the members and the community. Whole calendar year is filled with novelty programs to improve the quality of life of our members while helping the community through the charity center.

DOWELS will not represent any forum of a political party or trade union. Matters of political parties or trade unions will not be discussed in any forum of the association.

Life Membership of Dowels will be open to any Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registered medical and dental practitioners - registered under the ordinance of medical officers and dental officers. The association will function in a frame of Director board, central executive committee and a number of supporting subcommittees.

Since we will be dealing with a number of financial handling, by constitution, we have a very strict and firm financial framework responsible to the treasury. We have a treasurer and two assistants, a financial committee and an internal audit officer. Additionally, all financial handling will be supervised by a reputed external third party audit firm. The legal aspects of Dowels will be handled by a separate legal firm.

DOWELS - Patient Assistance Centre (PAC)

New and Events
New and Events
New and Events
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Contact Us

DOWELS Office (Peradeniya)
Sirimavo Bandaranayaka Specialized Children's Hospital
Peradeniya, 20400, Sri Lanka
+94 715 174807

DOWELS Office (Kandy)
Teaching Hospital Kandy
Kandy, 20000, Sri Lanka
+94 701 479568

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